Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre

Whenever I see a drive-in theater on my travels, I crane my neck and look for as long as I can until it passes out of sight.
When I was in my 20s, my friends and I used to take road trips to a drive-in near Joliet, Illinois.
I knew there was one in Gibson City, Illinois, and I took my husband on a surprise trip to the Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre in 2003.
The film was Pirates of the Caribbean. We had dinner at the Bayern Stube, then killed time before dark when the film would start.
Before the movie was finished, we were getting drowsy and starting to worry about the long drive home still ahead of us, so we left before the end and headed on our way.
The theater, reopened in 1989, still pops into my head now and again, and when we were on our way back from Indiana early this month and looking for a different route, I was excited when we chose to drive through Gibson City.
Once again we stopped for an excellent meal at the Bayern Stube, then went to take a look at the drive-in, which had already closed for the season.
We were surprised to see a new sign on site touting the theater as the world's first wind-powered theatre.
In the spring of 2009, the owners of the theatre installed two small wind turbines on site that they hope will eventually produce 100% of their electricity.
It seems to me that this a great way to maintain a slice of Americana while looking out for the future.

Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre
Route 47, South
1123 S. Sangamon Ave.
Gibson City, IL 60936

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