Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Whitehouse is a long-standing restaurant in Logansport, Indiana, we visited in early October of this year.
Most of the signs on the building listed the name as one word, but there was a sign listing it as two words as well.
The exterior is charming and time-worn, a small stone diner-style building with an old Coca-Cola logo board atop a rusty sign proclaiming the restaurant name.
We took a seat at one of the 13 small counter stools and were immediately able to order drinks and soon were sipping them, perusing the menu.
Along the countertop was a jukebox, and there was a full size one near the door.
We found by talking to the woman running the grill that this Whitehouse is considered Whitehouse number one and that at one time there were three or four of them. This location, opened in 1941, is the only one remaining.
Their ground beef comes from a local Cass County meat locker, I believe she said it was called Royal Center, delivered fresh daily. They hand make the burger patties once the meat arrives at the restaurant.
I was going for the Whitehouse burger, which we were told has cheese and bacon on it, until our grill master told me about the spicy chicken sandwich, an all white meat chicken breast breaded with a peppery mix.
When she brought it out from the back to place it on the grill, presumedly frozen and institutional, and I feared I may have made a bad choice. Once I tried it though, I was happy with my selection. The chicken breast was hot and juicy and the seasoning on the breading was delicious.
My husband had a double cheeseburger, after a discussion about how thick the patties were. He was assured he wanted a double, and was pleased with the sandwich.
The prices were incredible compared to what we see in Illinois: $2.30 for a double cheeseburger. Our entire meal, including two drinks, an order of onion rings and a slice of sugar cream pie, was less than $10.
In addition to the counter seating, there are four booths along the wall.
The Whitehouse opens very early, 4 a.m., and closes fairly early as well. On the Saturday we were in, they closed at 1 p.m.
Next time I am in the area, the Whitehouse will certainly be on my list.

87 S 6th Street
Logansport, IN


Heather said...


You can't even get a crappy fake-meat (that's what I call it) burger at Micky D's for that!

Amazing. Sorry I missed it.

Peoria Peepers said...

Yes, no soy burgers here ;-)
Neat place!