Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leon's Frozen Custard

Leon's Frozen Custard, family owned and operated since 1942, is considered a Milwaukee, Wisconsin landmark. Open year round with carry-out service, they feature what they claim to be the "World's Finest Frozen Custard" in a handful of flavors as well as hot sandwiches and hot and cold drinks.
Leon's Frozen Custard opened on May 1, 1942.
The building was remodeled in the early 50s, leaving it with the eye-catching archi-
tecture it features today. The business is still owned and operated by the original family.
Leon's is also rumored to be one of the inspirations behind Arnold's from TV's Happy Days. Currently there is no longer carside service, and there has not been any for many years.
We made the trek out to Leon's to see what all the hype is about. Being from Illinois, the only frozen custard we've had is from Culver's.
My husband ordered a chocolate cone while I went for a chocolate malt.
The chocolate custard on the cone was delectable, rich and creamy with a hearty chocolate flavor. The malt paled in comparison and made me wonder if they had forgotten to add any chocolate. Next time it's a chocolate custard cone for me!

Leon's Frozen Custard
3131 South 27th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215