Monday, November 28, 2011

A Christmas Story House & Museum

I knew my husband was a huge fan of A Christmas Story, having experienced year after year of him wanting to watch it all day during the holidays.
Planning our honeymoon in 2007, our travels were going to take us across Ohio on the way home. My husband demanded that we must make a stop off in Cleveland at A Christmas Story House & Museum.
Even though the movie was released in 1983, A Christmas Story has that retro feel due to it's 1940s setting.
The Christmas Story House is open year round, one of several sites where scenes for the movie were filmed. It has been remodeled to appear just like it did in the holiday classic.
On the last leg of our honeymoon, we rolled up to the house, bought our tickets at the museum across the street (where naturally the movie was playing) and headed in to take a look.

We posed for a photo next to the leg lamp in the front window. We checked out the tinsel covered Christmas tree. We took a gander at the turkey waiting in the white enamel oven, at any moment expecting Bumpus's hounds to barge in and knock us down in a mad attempt to get to the bird. We even saw Ralphie's glasses resting on his notebook next to his neatly penned Christmas list.
In 2008, my husband made a fruitless plea for family and friends to bid to win him a stay at A Christmas Story House, an auction that has been held several times since. Last year the winning bid was $3,200. A little steep for our Christmas spending, but hey, we've all got our dreams! Considering that it's a package for four complete with Chinese turkey and a major prize, I'm sure it is quite the experience.

A Christmas Story House
3159 W 11th St
Cleveland, OH 44109