Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roadside America Inc.

On our recent vacation we realized we were driving right by Roadside America, Inc. in Pennsylvania, so we had to stop and visit. Dubbed the "World's Greatest Indoor Miniature Village", I wasn't sure quite what to expect.
After a visit to the restroom, outside of which stands a working player piano, we paid our admission of $6.75 and headed into the display room.
I was instantly taken by the tiny, intricate village complete with churches, homes, trains, a zoo and so much more. Perfect trees dot the lush landscape. Several of the displays incorporate motion, which you can activate by pressing a button in front of the glass half wall.
We were treated to a night pageant where the room lights are dimmed and patriotic music plays, allowing us to further appreciate the lights throughout the village, some even shining through tiny stained glass windows.
Established in 1935, Roadside America was later moved to it's current site.
This wonderful display is the result of years of work by two brothers who had an idea to make little models of houses as they appeared from the top of Mt. Penn so future generations could appreciate how they had looked. Larry Gieringer, the oldest, continued this work long after his brother Paul entered the priesthood.
Today these efforts are available for visitors to appreciate, maintained by the family of the original designer.

Roadside America, Inc.
Roadside Drive
Bernville, PA 19506

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