Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Springdale Cemetery Gatehouse

My first trip into Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois was some time in early 2000.
A friend of mine who was familiar with the layout showed me and a couple of other people around.
Since then, I've been on group hikes and hikes with my dad, enjoying all the beauty that can be found in the cemetery.
I have also followed the news stories about the impending fate of the gatehouse in the cemetery.
The gatehouse was built in 1900 in the craftsman bungalow style. Initially an office and residence, the building is located at the lower entrance to the cemetery.
In July 2008, the cemetery's management authority voted 4-3 to demolish the gatehouse as the cost to repair, $800,000 or more, is too great.
In March 2009, the Historic Preservation Commission voted 5-1 to endorse a controlled demolition of the building with the stones and roof tiles removed and stored. Plans would be to rebuild as originally constructed.
The gatehouse sits on the Rock Island Trail and could make a nice pit stop for travelers of the trail.
As of December 29, 2009, a sign posted on the fence reads: Please contribute to the restoration of this gate house. Please send your check to Carolyn Kraft, 9919 N. Jamaica Dr., Peoria IL 61615. Phone: (309) 691-5537.
I hope it will indeed be preserved and/or rebuilt using the salvaged materials so it can be enjoyed for another hundred years.

Springdale Cemetery
3014 N. Prospect Rd.
Peoria, IL 61603

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